January 2023: READY

I am a big fan of notebooks. I am a fan of notebooks, planners, and being an organized writer as much as I can be. When I have an idea, I try to make space for it. I make space for the new ideas in a way that makes me accountable.

I label them–and scribble the idea in the inside cover. Including the date I got the idea and when I plan on finishing it. This comes from years of being a writer, and recognizing my own processes to make my writing space conducive to what I need.

As you begin these new projects in the new year, take the time to study your own process. The best question to ask is, “What do I need in order to write?”

Now, this may change depending on your project–and that is okay too!

The goal is to be mindful of what you need, and do that often.

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