Critics, Critiques & Commentary: Part 1

Dealing with critics is the price you pay for being an artist. Think of them like taxes. They are necessary to get things done.

People who are critical of your work will be in 2 forms.




Constructive critics give you an way forward to do better. Their criticism is to the work, not you as an artist.

Destructive critics are haters. There is no easier way to speak about it! These are the critics which disguise jealousy as subjective opinion. Their criticism is tilted towards you as the artist not the work you created.

Neutral critics are those who are not a fan of your work, but don’t hate it either. Their criticisms aren’t based in anything except for what they like. Don’t dismiss them! Respect them as potential dedicated readers whom have potential to be fairweather fans.

Keep writing. Give them something to talk about.


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