February 2023: Love & It’s Many Forms

Image credit: Chanel Hardy, Hardy Publications

We are on the precipice of the Love Month and Black History Month!

So what better way to celebrate both than with a month-long spoken word event!

Here are the spoken-word artists to watch and listen for:

Chanel Hardy is a poet and author whose newest books are 32 Summers and Body On The Line. Find her books on Amazon and Kindle! Follow her on IG: @chanelhardypub_.

Tiffany Richardson is co-founder of Big Black Chapters, and the author of several books of poetry! Em Dashes & Musings and Sunflowers In Winter are her most current books. Follow her across multiple platforms as @tbthewriter

Ah, and this troublemaker.

With poetry being my first love, I am excited to share unreleased work with you all, favorite pieces, and to share this talent with more of you.

Make sure that you all rate and review the podcast!

Here we go!

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