February 2023: SET

Keeping focus as a writer can be difficult at points, especially in the era where everything is instant and constant. In the time where writing can be or is most difficult, is where you must evaluate whether or not you can continue on/with the writing you desire to do.

When I have writing that I need to do, and feel I don’t have time, I have this quick system (adjust as need be):

1.) Pause the current WIP. Let the work sit for a minute.

2.) If I have smaller projects I can focus on, I finish those–it makes room for the work I need to do.

3.) Switch gears and write something totally different.

The goal is to balance time and effort. Once you are aware of your writing schedule, and what works best for you, the possibilities to augment or pause when necessary, are more realistic.

Be mindful of what is in front of you, and what you may have to press through.

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