April 2023: REVAMPING

As of This year, I am in my 8th year of indie writing, blogging, and authorship.

Has it been easy? Of course not!

Yet, what has allowed me to keep going, to trust in my talent, and make in-roads for myself (and others) is my ability to revamp my approaches or content, and pivot when need be and necessary.

Why, this blog happened because I saw a need, and sought to fulfill it. While there are other writers who do what I do, only I can do it like me–to the tune of over 1000 posts at this point (I’m pretty proud of that!).

Yet, the most crucial tool that I can use, and use often is revamping. I often look at what I am doing that is working, what isn’t working, and what I need to do better.

In order to do what I love to do, which is write, I need to be able to look at what I am doing not just as an artist–but an adult! I still have a life outside of words! Since I have other responsibilities, I have to build like around those also.

Revamping is a tool–and a necessity.

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