The 10-Minute Take-The 5-Mile Sprint

With all that I am up to, I am excited to get back to recording YouTube videos! I spoke bout the Ten-Minute Take this past summer. This first Ten-Minute Take will relate to the concept of the 5-mile sprint Shonda Rhimes spoke about in her book The Year Of Yes.

When I heard it, I had to break it down, expounding more and putting my stamp of approval of this concept as a fellow writer. Look for this later this morning.

It will consist of the following ideas:

5-Mile Sprint 


• concept taken from THE YEAR OF YES (S. Rhimes)
• Put on podcast as well (Bonus episode)

Give proper credit and citations on YouTube Channel. 

Crucial takeaways:

-Why this is important?
-Why the access time this space is important?
-How does a writer access this quicker?
-How to clear the space

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Use What You Have On Hand

The free writes, the stray and floating ideas–what do you have on hand?

On Season 1 of The Writers’ Block Podcast, I talked about the this concept. I talked about how we, as writers, don’t truly know the wealth that we have! In understanding that wealth you have, you created, you may have to create something that I call, the draft-drawer.

The draft-drawer is a place where you put all the work you haven’t gotten to yet, aren’t sure where to go next, or things you got stuck on. This could even be snippets of plots, titles, or even snippets of conversation you jot! Your draft-drawer is a both a well and wealth of information!

With the new year, new decade at slow hum, don’t think that you need to recreate the wheel! That can be stressful for a writer, trust me. But you need to know is the new, potent, powerful work may just be hidden in a file. It may be incomplete. It may be in the transition from the thoughts in your head to the words and worlds on the page.

The work is there. The work has always been there. It’s your job to either find it, complete it, or find more of it.

Be brave. The world is waiting.

Enouragement Pages-01/03/2020

Do it scared.

Do it dirty.

Do it mad.

Do it with friends.

Do it solo.

But…do it. Time waits for no one. The words are always running.

As writers, we hunt them. Chase them. Catch them. Stretch them. Make them ours to show off to the world. Don’t let them pass you by. Not again.

Not one more day. Go write.

Love & Ink,


The Happiest Of New Years

My dearest ones, I am so proud of you. I want you to know you know this year has been something else! But you have made it! You have made it!

As a writer, we have the unique responsibility of recording and translating the world. Sometimes, it’s hard to celebrate things you have created because you are so busy thinking of what you need to do next.

On the cusp of a new year, and new decade, I want you to celebrate what you did this year. I want you to celebrate what you wanted to do, and what you wanted to try and do!

I want you to process what you have done and what you want to do! You have the privilege of what you have done and the vantage point of what you would like to do.

Write what you want, not what people say.

You can do it: and you have a new decade to prove it.