It’s Yours. Messy Desk And All.

Growing up, I dreamed of having a desk.

I wanted a space that was mine, and that I could write or draw on. Living in apartments for most of my life, that luxury was never afforded to me. When I got to college, I finally had a desk. I was so happy! Being happy in nursing school as a writer? Not so much.

But now, I have one again. I was accustomed to writing on the backs of books, kitchen tables and even the floor. Trapper Keepers made the BEST desks in a pinch!

However, there is something special about the desk I have now.

It’s mine.

It’s all mine.

There a printer, with paper. Pens. Scrap paper. Post-its! Magazines! And I smile at all that chaos.


It’s mine.

It reminds me that I am a working writer. It is the evidence of the last four years of trying to make this hobby a career. Further evidence that I’m making progress at it!

My desk is messy because I’m a writer.I write. And I got the space to do it.

Own your space. Own your talent. Make magic.

Encouragement Pages- 5/6/19

Trust the talent you have.

As a writer, among all the other outside forces, it is easy to doubt yourself. However, that whisper of talent should not be ignored!

It is your reminder that you have a story to write. You have something to say. You have something so keen on your head, that it can only be channeled through your hands.



Let the world hear what you have to say.

Encouragement Pages-05/03/2019

Artists make space for creation.

They honor their talent, in all their facets. Today, as you make your way through your projects and WIPs, remember to make space for them.

Today, remember to honor your talent. Honor the space you make for it. The stories you have on the inside of you need to be honored. Give them room.

Let the people in your head out.

In Love & Ink,


Encouragement Pages-05/01/19: Space-Making

There’s something amazing about having a space to create, to write or brainstorm. Writers are obsessed with space. Blank pages. Empty tables and notebooks. We have to have space!

The beautiful thing about a writer’s space is that you can make unique to your talent or even a project. The space, your space, should facilitate creativity! Favorite things, scented candles, even favorite writing quotes. Take the time to construct the space.

It is yours. It needs to be yours.

In Love & Ink,


If You’re A Writer, You’re A Brand

Who are you behind your ink and pens?

“I’m a published author.”

If you can utter these four words, then you are in a class few people will ever gain access to. Your work, something you created, is in a format or on a platform that other people can see or buy.

For that accomplishment, I am proud of you!

Now, how shall you capitalize on this?

It goes beyond formatting and typos that pass the eyes of editors. It goes beyond the genre with which you have found your niche. Being an independent author (even a published author with a traditional publishing company), means there has to be a presence behind the pen or screen.

You are now a brand!

What does your professional writer self glory in? What else are you working on? What motivates you? What’s your writing schedule like? These are the little things that intrigue and inspire fans! Not just fans, but readership. Use the soft light that Michelle Obama talks about. Since people are, will be, looking you way, what do you want them to see? What do you want them to notice?

One of the components of my professional self is accessibility. I love interacting with my readers! I like sharing valuable information that will help on their writing journeys. I love being that reference point to the writers coming after me–or even working along side me in their own lanes.

Building a brand takes time. The great thing is, you have it.


The idea of a writing space has been on my mind for the better part of this month. So, in that vein, I’m going to give my take on the importance of having a writing space for May.

I’m sure you all will have thoughts on this. I look forward to tips and comments about how you organize your writing space.

****NEW PROJECT*****

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Great things are coming!

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