Book In A Year Series-Month 10: The Fear Of Being “Too Much”

Let’s be frank, shall we?

There are too many people in your ear, but not enough helping you get words down! With all that you need to do in your book writing process, I need you to understand that what you are doing is independent of what other people think. I am going to give you a valuable piece of advice, two word as it relates to the people who think that you are ‘doing too much’ as it relates to your writing:


Therefore, as it relates to your work, your talent, and skill, no one can tell you how ‘much’ you can bring, share, write or create. Don’t allow them to superimpose their shenanigans (also known as doubt) on your creativity!

Write everything you need to write–just how you want to write it!

Fear leaving blank pages blank…not filling them.

Book In A Year Series-Month 9: At Peace With The Final Draft


Write the story that you want, so you can have the ending you want–or the ending that you want to change. I want you to know that as a writer, you are still in control of the worlds you create, maintain and share.

YOU. No one else.

So, the only person that can dictate when at story is over–is you. Write what you want, first and foremost. After that is written, rest and review it. Add to it, let other people read it and get feedback! Make changes! It’s okay to doubt, and add to the work at the same time.

Trust me, it happens.

Read again, let more people read again. Add more story if you need it! Then, begin to ask yourself this question: “Do I have anything else to add?” If you don’t start to wrap it up, polish it up, and get it ready for the world.

They are waiting for it! Be brave!

Write for you first, but eventually let the world know how amazing you are. Once you admit that you have written all that you wanted, with your imagination in its final form, it’s done.

Don’t second guess.

Don’t doubt.

Let the work be complete.

There are more stories to tell…I promise.


The Complete Imagination-What If…

“What If…”

This is a question that I believe is at the heart of every writer. I believe this the infinite thing we all chase–often. It is the thing that we strive to capture a little bit a time. When we allow our minds to wander to the far off places, doing the far out things, we get more confidence in what we desire to write about!

Who doesn’t want that?

Who doesn’t want more confidence to write about what they want to write about and not just about what people think they should write about?

Chase the Robin.

Unlock the doors.

Use the key.

Write bravely.

The world is waiting…