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Shekinah Glory Writing Services/Divinity Publishing

If you are a local author, and you are interested in writing a book and need help, there are services available to help!

See details below.


*Start date must be within 30 days

Cost: $375

(*Deposit: $100-non refundable)

Book planning includes the following services:


Here is where we set expectations, along with hard and soft deadlines.

Soft deadline – a date and time you feel comfortable having a project done.

Hard deadline– the absolute date a project must be done, not moveable.

The consultation confirms your commitment to the project you are hiring SG Writing Services/Divinity Publishing for. Here is where writing/meeting schedules and any other concerns you have going forward. Contracts are signed at the time of the consultation.

Deposit must be paid at the time of consultation and is not refundable!


Includes topic shaping and research ideas.

(If you have your manuscript, this step can be skipped.)


Includes grammatical/spell check and microedits (sentence structure and story/topic cohesion).

Draft Manuscript- up to 200 pages

(After 200 pages, other information will be discussed)

Manuscript Review

(Macroedits/microedits-looking at everything overall)

Author Bio

*Cover Design -$150

At the completion or near completion of the project, the cover will be sent to you for final review. The book is assembled at the completion of the cover and manuscript.

This is the only service that is outsourced by Shekinah Glory Writing Services.

If you have any other questions about the services offered, you can use the following information:

Info/Submission: editor.divpublishing@gmail.com


PayPal: sgllc.1038@yahoo.com