Our Founder’s Bio

I am Jennifer Bush-Harris, Founder and Chief Editor of JBHarris Writing Services. My goal as an editor is to be a treasure hunter–to find the best of and inside a submitted/created work and make it better!

JBHarris Writing Services is based in St. Louis, Missouri and I work with local authors and businesses with anything from manuscripts, resumes to press releases! JBHarris Writing Services seeks to be a resource and incubator for new and novice writers whom need guidance or encouragement.

I am a graduate of University of Missouri-St. Louis in December 2019. My degree is a Bachelor’s in Liberal Studies with minors in Psychology and English.

I have been a blogger for 5 years, and run 3 platforms–including this one. I am perusing my MFA as well, with hopes to be an Literature/Creative Writing teacher. I also founded the podcast The Writers’ Block which you can listen to via Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher and Spotify. This podcast has 3 seasons as of 2020, and in May 2021 will be in existence for 2 years!

I have been doing editing since 2012, as of this posting have helped 6 people complete their manuscripts, start to finish.

I also tutor in English and Literature, and am a Writing Coach!

I have been writing since I was 8, and am in love with the craft:  good and bad. If you’re interested in my own writing journey, pick up a copy of Writelife on Amazon, by clicking here.