What We Offer & Storage


JBHarris Writing Services (JBHWS) offers affordable rates and scheduling flexibility for their work submitted.  We offer physical submission and electronic submission options.

All submissions/manuscripts are returned in a timely fashion, with a receipt letter confirming the document was created by the company and will remain the intellectual property of the author. At the time the document is returned, if digital storage is not exercised, the document will be erased from the records of JBHWS unless other arrangements are made.


  • At the time of submission, authors will be offered digital storage of their work.
  • Revisions are kept on JBHWS database for 3 months before other storage arrangements are made.
  • The digital storage fee is $10/3 months. (Billed quarterly)
  • If an author would like this service, the first 3 month billing will be added into their initial invoice.
  • Once manuscripts are submitted, they are given a catalog number, which includes the author’s name and titled work. (Ex  HarrisJ-LAMPONTOMYFEET).
  • Manuscripts will be returned in the same medium submitted. There is an additional fee for printing. (0.10/page for b/w (black & white), 0.50/page for color).

Payments can be remitted through PayPal:  sgllc.1038@yahoo.com