Professional Writing Services & Fees

Upon receipt of documents, you will receive an email with your delivery date for your item to be completed.

Fees can be remitted through PayPal:


  • Business letter creation: $20
  • Business letter revision: $10
  • Cover letter creation: $10
  • Resumes: $15, $1/additional page (1 page min)
  • Templates/Pamphlets: $25 minimum; customization available.

Ministry Plans: $40

  • Handwritten Transcription (handwritten to electronic format): $5/page

*Proofreading/Editing for manuscripts is done by size of document or will be done at hourly rate (minimum wage: $10.00). Please see table below:

(*25 page minimum)

*Any submission less than 25 page minimum will be charged as a CONSULTATION at a charge of $25.00.

  • Press Releases: $45
  • About The Author Pages/Back Cover Summation: $25


  • At the time of submission, authors will be offered digital storage of their work.
  • Revisions are kept on JBHWS database for 3 months before other storage arrangements are made.
  • The digital storage fee is $10/3 months. (Billed quarterly)
  • If an author would like this service, the first 3 month billing will be added into their initial invoice.
  • Once manuscripts are submitted, they are given a catalog number, which includes the author’s name and titled work. (Ex  HarrisJ-LAMPONTOMYFEET).
  • Manuscripts will be returned in the same medium submitted. There is an additional fee for printing. (0.10/page for b/w (black & white), 0.50/page for color).