January 2022: YOU In The Mirror

One of the reasons (I think) which make a writer so relatable is when you can identify with them: either personally or the work they produce! Some of my favorite writers are favorites because they bring their entire selves to a work.

Every fear.

What they are afraid of, I might be.

Every hesitation.

The things the protags have encountered that made them heroic. Or the villan that I root for because I, too, have been that hurt or mad.

Every joy.

The things found in memoirs or autobiographies which strengthen me to keep on own journey to either improve or let go of.

Bring that to the work! Bring it! Why? Someone whom reads it, might need it. More than you think, and sooner than they thought.

January 2022: You In The Mirror

The greatest gift you can give to your work is you.

Anything that you believe in, you will trust–so why shouldn’t that begin with you?

The one the thing that I can tell you, will remind you of as it relates to your work is this: it is yours! Everything that you create, is yours. Anything that you believe you can do, you will. As this year opens more for you, being to trust yourself again.

Read that again.

Trust yourself again.

Believe in yourself again.

When you begin to honor yourself, love yourself–you will begin to love all that you create. From that creation, is honest work: the work you desire to create.

You can do it. I believe in you. Keep going!

Welcome To 2022!

It is 2022!

This year is going to be revolutionary! Why? My goal this year is to remind you, dear writer, that all you are as a writer is needed! And absolutely necessary!

This year long series will be broken up into four quarters:

Quarter 1: SELF (January, February, March)

Quarter 2: EXPERIENCES (April, May, June)

Quarter 3: AWARENESS (July, August, September)

Quarter 4: HOPE (October, November, December)

For this year, my goal is to remind you that your writing and YOU as an individual, are important!

Let’s get to it!


Encouragement Pages-12/31/2021

The past two years have been rough on us artists! We have seen the world burn around us, and thrive in its ashes. At the time, with our second year of COVID-19 being our present reality, I want you to remember to dream.

I want you to write your way out, or write your way in.

I want you to imagine the world as it is, it could be, or even as you wish it will become.

Leave your work as the evidence that your survived. Someone else will need that reminder.

With Love & Ink,