August 2022: ASPIRATIONS

As we finish the month of August, here are the ten things you may need or consider as you go on your writer journey:

1.) Believing in yourself is never a bad thing.

2.) Keep your goal in mind.

3.) Write for yourself first.

4.) Write because you love it.

5.) Envision where you want your writing to go.

6.) You are more talented than you think.

7.) Think where you want to go, and write yourself there.

8.) It is not a bad thing to dream exactly what you want.

9.) Don’t quit: you’ll never see what you are going after.

10.) Repeat.

I believe in you–keep going.


August 2022: ASPIRATION

The definition of aspiration is a hope or ambition of achieving something.

On this ambitious journey, I want to remind you all that it will take work, and sometimes believing something will happen is the only thing which will power the journey forward.

Yet, what I must remind you dear writer is that what you seek is not impossible. If you quit–you can be assured that your dream will not come true.

The questions I must ask you, which will allow you to keep going:

1.) What is your dream?

2.) How will you go about it?

3.) What will you need to keep going?

It won’t be easy, but it is not impossible.