April 2022- OWN THE WINS

I will be honest with you: writing is one of those arts that will only get better every time you use it. Every time you rely on it. Every time you trust it, and within it.

One of your deepest wins as a writer is to embrace that title! I am pressed to remember that a writer is two-fold:

A writer is something you are.

A writer is something you become.

It indeed feels like a complex thing, but it isn’t. Owning your title of writer is freeing–it really is. It allows you to embrace all that is complex about you, and bring that complexity to all that you would create.

Self-possession and self-realization are always wins.

January 2022: YOU In The Mirror

One of the reasons (I think) which make a writer so relatable is when you can identify with them: either personally or the work they produce! Some of my favorite writers are favorites because they bring their entire selves to a work.

Every fear.

What they are afraid of, I might be.

Every hesitation.

The things the protags have encountered that made them heroic. Or the villan that I root for because I, too, have been that hurt or mad.

Every joy.

The things found in memoirs or autobiographies which strengthen me to keep on own journey to either improve or let go of.

Bring that to the work! Bring it! Why? Someone whom reads it, might need it. More than you think, and sooner than they thought.

January 2022: YOU In The Mirror

You are a dynamic human being.

And for that reason, nothing in your life can be relegated to just being static.

On The Writers’ Block Podcast, I talked about “Owning Your And” (Episode 46); when you do this as a writer, you are declaring that you are letting no part of your experience, your mistakes, your fears, be ignored. When you do this as a writer, it is a form of radical self-acceptance.

A writer whom is able to accept themselves is more likely to write from a much more honest place! A place that is more rich, more full, more relatable.

Writing is messy, complicated, and…hard sometimes! Yet, don’t shy away from that…don’t run from that!

Embrace that. It is part of this writing journey too!

Remember it this way: Love you and love your work.

Keep going!