Encouragement Pages-07/09/2021: CHOOSE YOUR HARD (3/3)

Writing is hard. But it is not impossible!

But you have to understand that in “choosing your hard” you are investing in your talent. You are paying attention.

You have made the decision to do what is difficult, for a favorable outcome. It is the outcome we want, we chase and that we want.

Don’t abandon what you need to do because it’s hard—it will always be hard. But you must examine what is HARDER. Once you see that, accept that, it will make writing less hard and more necessary.

With Love & Ink,


Encouragement Pages-07/07/2021: CHOOSE YOUR HARD (2/3)

The thing about writing is that there will always be the work. That is inescapable! Being a writer is like having homework—always.

But you have to be brave enough to understand that the only decisions you have are either to write or not to write. That’s all. There is no wiggle room. There is no alternative.

When you decide to take the time to write, discipline yourself to write, you are choosing exactly what is most important! Keep that space. Protect that space! The alternative is to not write.

Which will you do?

With Love & Ink,