Encouragement Pages-02/03/2021: For The Love Of It (Part 2)

When you lose the love of something, it is devastating. But here is one thing that I can say which reignites you love of something: rest.

As crazy as that sounds, it is true.

Burnout for artists is real. It is so essential that as a creative person that you learn how to measure your energy and know how to peter it out!

A social media mentor, Rebecca Gordon, said it this way: “Rest is a weapon.”

With Love & Ink,


Encouragement Pages-05/25/2020

I want you to believe in your imagination. I want you to consider your imagination something which needs be cultivated as often as possible.

Make time to daydream.

Make time to wonder.

Make time to wander.

Your imagination will thank you the next time you demand it key on to create. Athletes work everyday to prepare for compeitions. Keep that same energy to write.

With Love & Ink,