Encouragement Pages-10/13/2021

I am more afraid of not writing than I am of writing.

I am more afraid of not saying what I have to say than actually saying.

I am more afraid of leaving what is unsaid UNSAID, than actually saying it.

Once you get to this level of resolve, your writing will shift because your mindset has shifted.

Don’t let that non-writer, stop your writing.

Keep going.

With Love & Ink,



The Complete Imagination-What If…

“What If…”

This is a question that I believe is at the heart of every writer. I believe this the infinite thing we all chase–often. It is the thing that we strive to capture a little bit a time. When we allow our minds to wander to the far off places, doing the far out things, we get more confidence in what we desire to write about!

Who doesn’t want that?

Who doesn’t want more confidence to write about what they want to write about and not just about what people think they should write about?

Chase the Robin.

Unlock the doors.

Use the key.

Write bravely.

The world is waiting…

Encouragement Pages-09/15/2021

Dear Writer-

There are some things that can only be told if you tell them. There are only some stories that can be told if you have lived through them. Some people need to be shown that that you lived through, happened to you, and–you survived it.


With Love & Ink,