Encouragement Pages-04/17/2020-Break The Wall

Break the wall, dear one.

What does that require, you ask? Bravery.

It will require you to believe the story or idea buried on the inside of you is worth saving and following through with! You must believe it is there before you ever share it.

Can you be brave today? Just for a moment, dear one. Will you be brave?

I hope so.

With Love & Ink,


Encouragment Pages-04/15/2020: The Power Of Wonder

In this time of self-quarantine, I have had nothing to do other than think. And that is awesome! But in the thinking–I’m thinking. With that thinking, I am wondering. I’m allowing my imagination to twirl, swirl and stretch and run.

I have the time to wonder…and I haven’t had that in a minute.

Wondering is powerful for a writer. Being able to have your mind unfettered so you can create is rare in a world where everything has an app.

Value the time to wonder, dear ones. Maximize it. It’s rare and wonderful.

What would you think about if all you can do is think?

With Love & Ink,


It’s Ready! It’s Ready!

After starting this project in January, it took the current situation of being self-quarantined that allowed me to finish this. But, at last, it is done! I hope that you all enjoy it and it becomes a tool in your writing journey.

It is available in paperback, ebook, and is live on Amazon now!

Thank you all so much for supporting!


Encouragement Pages-03/11/2020

Are you afraid of the dark?

If you are, you shouldn’t be. You already know what it is there–whatever you placed there in the light, was there when there was no light. Today, I want you to turn on the light. I want you to realize the things you create and may have stowed away aren’t scary.

The only scary thing is when you decide nothing you create is worth looking at.

Nothing can be further from true.

Get to work.

With Love & Ink,


Encouragement Pages-03/09/2020

Even the hardest work is done one word at a time.

Even work you delay is written one word at a time.

In finding the bravery to keep going to complete your work, understand the doubts will come. They will try and root. They will whisper to you. They will discourage you. But have courage, fellow oracle. Have courage!

Continue the work. Finish the work–one word at a time.

With Love & Ink,


Encouragement Pages-01/27/2020

Writing is a strange alchemy.

This pulling something out of your head to a seeing world is still mystical. Still a wonder. Never be so cocky to think writing is “easy.”

There are some who wish the gift would come back—only to be greeted with barren imaginations…and tears.

Humility is some times the best coin of the realm.

With Love & Ink,


Encouragement Pages-01/24/2020

Be gentle with yourself today.

The work in progress is called this for a reason. The progress in this work can be incremental—but do it. No matter how small or insignificant.

Do the work.

Happy, loud or sad, but do it.

With Love & Ink,