Encouragement Pages-12/31/2021

The past two years have been rough on us artists! We have seen the world burn around us, and thrive in its ashes. At the time, with our second year of COVID-19 being our present reality, I want you to remember to dream.

I want you to write your way out, or write your way in.

I want you to imagine the world as it is, it could be, or even as you wish it will become.

Leave your work as the evidence that your survived. Someone else will need that reminder.

With Love & Ink,



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If you have been following this space, I first want to tell you:


Thank you for following.

Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for you referring the space to other writers, and those of the odd oracle ilk.

I am bold enough to believe in all the good this platform will and can do! I also am humble enough to know that power cannot come unless there are people whom have seen that same power.

Please know that you all are welcome to follow me on Patreon as well.

In the new year, there will be more media with the podcast being linked to the blog. Please know that I love you all, and thank you for every email and follow!

Keep following!

We’ve just gotten started.

Keep following!

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