July 2022-Harness Creativity

I often think of creativity as the fuel that allows you to play with the invisible. It is the access to the invisible that allows you to create what will be visible. One of the joys of being a writer is being able to play with reality! We get to create the reality we want! This is why the Arts are incredible and always need those whom participate to be heard, seen and valued!

Creativity is a power source that unlocks the world and those therein!

Remember: If you can harness what you can see (even if only you can see it!), you can share it with the world.


July 2022: Harness Creativity

“You are only given a spark of madness…”

This spark of madness is your creativity–your ability to think outside the box, your ability to dream, imagine, and see what not everyone else is able see.

Creativity, your creativity, is a gift! While it can be seen as a spark, I decided a long time ago that it is possible to make the spark a flame–as often as possible. Yet, in order to do that you must be willing to fuel it! On this journey, you will be distracted, deterred and surely discouraged.

But, I bring you good news! There are ways to preserve the spark, protect the spark, and to fuel the spark.

Preserving the spark.

Understand that your creativity (and all the processes it entails!) all belong to you. They are yours to protect and to manage as you see fit. People whom don’t acknowledge your spark don’t get access to it.

Protect the spark.

Find out what things stir you, what things cause you to think about other things, and where you believe you are most creative! This includes times and days! Be mindful of what makes you happy and what drains you.

Fuel the spark.

Read. Take walks. Meet people. Date. Break-up. Go rock climbing! Get tea! What things increase your productivity, and what have you learned that increases your creativity? You have to know what things fill you up and keep you full!

Go create!



I am of the mind that creativity needs three things: cultivating, focusing, aiming. With those things things in mind, we must understand that creativity is not something that one just ‘runs out of’.

It is something that can run low, fall into disuse, but it does not ‘run out’.

As we continue to explore how to harness this internal, divine power source, keep these three things in mind:

1.) Creativity is yours.

2.) Creativity is all around you.

3.) You must protect your creativity at all costs.

In the immortal words of Robin Williams, “You are given a spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.”