The Complete Imagination- Thinking About What You Think About

The most amusing thing that I hear often is that people would ‘love’ to step inside the head of a writer. I am not so sure they really want to do that. I am certain they don’t want to do that! I mean, why would they want to!

The head of a writer is crowded, loud, chaotic, and there is always music playing or a fire starting (Trust me, it’s true.)! Everything is everywhere! But, it is beautiful, terrifying, and I would not trade it for anything on the whole planet.

I have spoken about this before–chase a thought. This is crucial to unlocking your imagination, and being able to stretch it further than you thought it could or should go. Why would you not want to access more of what you know to be yours–or that you can master? Your imagination belongs to you, owned by you and is run by you.

It. Is. Yours.

Get comfortable chasing the thoughts that come. I call this: Chasing the Robin.

Here in the Midwest, birds are everywhere! Especially, robins and cardinals. Yet, robins are the most interesting to follow. They fly with determination, and focus, but when they land? When they land they hop around–they are unsure, but they know this is not the final resting place. Your thoughts work the same way–you could be on a determined path, focused and set. But you may deviate. It’s okay even if you DO deviate! That is part of the process–but don’t allow the deviation become a distraction.

Chase the Robin–you never know where it might take you.

Encouragment Pages-04/15/2020: The Power Of Wonder

In this time of self-quarantine, I have had nothing to do other than think. And that is awesome! But in the thinking–I’m thinking. With that thinking, I am wondering. I’m allowing my imagination to twirl, swirl and stretch and run.

I have the time to wonder…and I haven’t had that in a minute.

Wondering is powerful for a writer. Being able to have your mind unfettered so you can create is rare in a world where everything has an app.

Value the time to wonder, dear ones. Maximize it. It’s rare and wonderful.

What would you think about if all you can do is think?

With Love & Ink,


Encouragement Pages-09/20/2019-Water The Gardens

When you neglect your imagination, you make its soil sun-baked and hard. It cracks and curdles under the heat of inspiration, but there is no water from anticipation of what could grow there.

You rob yourself of the joy of creation. Of wondering what could be.

With Love & Ink,


Encouragement Pages-9/16/2019

Keep the rhythm.

Find the beat.

Trust your talent a little bit today. What thing of light, of dark, of horror or light ate going to develop?

What (or whom) will you pull out of the air?

Trust the things your imagination sees and hears. Perhaps even chase a few.

With Love & Ink,


Mess & Muses

“All brilliant men (and women) are messy.”

In my almost 40 years of living, I can say more than once, this is true. My father always had some sort of functional disorganization in papers or folders. My sister’s room was always in some sort of post hurricane disarray. My room, too, was filled with papers, notebooks and scribbles on paper.

All brilliant women are messy.

That mantra became my validation in my creative notions and expectations. When there was a particular item, thought or notion I thought incredible? I would obsess over it. I would research and make it a part of my whole self.

Short stories. Email addresses. Colors. Character assessments, even character names! Embrace the messiness! Embrace the processing and the messiness and the desire to learn. Get used to the messiness. Get used to your imagination wandering and its provoking.

Embrace the messiness. It is key to your sanity as a writer.

Look for the rhythm in the mess. Look for where you passions may be hidden or revealed. Look for the passion–don’t hide from it. These are you muses, or your guides to where you can focus your talents.

Pay attention. It’s not just messiness—there are universes there.