Back To Writing Month: Final Thoughts

Writing is hard.

Writing is empowering.

Writing is a joy.

Writing is like having homework FOREVER.

Yet, I wouldn’t change anything about this. I wouldn’t want to change this talent, this gift, for anything in the wide world.

As I leave you at the end of this month to do other writing, leaving you empowered, strengthened and to be as bold as your pen allows you to be–know that you are well able to do all that you said you would.

Remember: You are able to write everything that you see.

Be aware of what it is you want to do, and desire to write and create that.

Lastly, if you are looking for permission to write, here it is.

Go write. The world is waiting on you.

Back To Writing Month: Day 3

I am fond of saying on this side of the internet that you have to do your writer work.

Your writer work is anything related to the writing you are currently doing, including but not limited to research, freewriting, editing or brainstorming.

There is no getting around this!

There is no time like the present to get back writing. There is not greater time like now to look over the work you have to do in order do what you know what must be done.

Let’s get to work!



August 2022: ASPIRATIONS

As we finish the month of August, here are the ten things you may need or consider as you go on your writer journey:

1.) Believing in yourself is never a bad thing.

2.) Keep your goal in mind.

3.) Write for yourself first.

4.) Write because you love it.

5.) Envision where you want your writing to go.

6.) You are more talented than you think.

7.) Think where you want to go, and write yourself there.

8.) It is not a bad thing to dream exactly what you want.

9.) Don’t quit: you’ll never see what you are going after.

10.) Repeat.

I believe in you–keep going.


Encouragement Pages-08/26/2022

The time you make to write is never going to be in vain.

The time you make where you tried to write is not wasted.

The time you could have written and decide to do something else is a reminder that some things may be more important than writing.

Yet, you are not powerless–unless you believe you will be.

You bend time–time cannot bend you.