August 2022: ASPIRATION

One of the things which will propel you as a writer aside from the blank pages, is the dream of what those pages will represent.

Blank pages are open dreams, dear writer.

You are able to create the worlds you want, and like you want that.

But the thing most crucial is to remember is that this journey is yours. It belongs to you, can be dictated by you.

While discouragement is real, and this journey is hard, it is not impossible.

Your rocket fuel is always going to be your aspiration, your thoughts, your dreaming.

Don’t let yourself down.


August 2022: ASPIRATION

Writing is like dreaming on paper.

And with that dreaming, we are able to create the life that we want to see around us or in the world. We are able to provide or create windows, doors, and mirrors!

Windows to expose to the world to what you want them to see.

Mirrors allow you to see yourself in the world.

Doors allow you to create the world you desire and put yourself in it!

There is a power to harnessing creativity–and that is aspiration.