The Flow: Make The Way Straight

I want you to take charge of your writing space. I want you to be completely cognizant of the space you create! The Flow–your access to this creative energy–is going to be dependent on how serious you are about creating it and maintaining it! One of thing to remember about maintaining such a space is that the magic you desire to create in it is up to you (again, this is a reference from King’s On Writing)!

There is a ruthlessness to writing, my Oracles! That ruthlessness is based in how tenacious you are about writing, and your success related to it! This dedicated space, deciding to dedicate a space, is YOURS! Do what you must in it and for it. If you need music to write? Get a playlist. If you write best in the morning, set an alarm. If you need to be warm to write, get that (a blanket, sheet, hoodie, etc)! You cannot let writing just happen to you our upon you! Sometimes, you must make that happen!

Be prepared to write when inspiration hits, as some say ‘when the iron is hot’. Also, be prepared to makes those irons hot.

Encouragement Pages-02/24/2020

I love Project Runway and the wisdom of Timothy Gunn. His catch phrase is ‘Make it work!’ There is a truth and power to this; it is gospel. However, there is a power in realizing what no longer works.

You have to be able to recognize when something no longer works. When something needs to be revisited after time has passed. There is no harm in making something work–later.

Be mindful of the work, dearest ones. If it hurts to keep going, there is no rule saying you cannot stop. It is, sometimes, in the pauses or silences when the work can speak the loudest.

With Love & Ink,