Encouragement Pages-1/3/2022

It is a new year!

With this being the third day of the new year, it is time to dust off your old work, and get to it! Remember these three things:

1.) Plan your time. If you don’t make time to write. you won’t write.

2.) Prepare to write. Writing is/can be demanding, and if you are not diligent or intentional about what you want to do? You will never write.

3.) Be gentle with yourself. This may be the hardest one! Sometimes we want the work to be done in a blink! But it doesn’t always appear that way. Do the work one word at a time.

I’m already proud of you!

Happy Writing!

With Love & Ink,


Encouragement Pages-12/30/2020

Despite the challenges, you made it. You made it 364 days. You made it through Writer’s Block, Writer’s High, rejection of manuscripts, re-writes, changed endings, publishing opportunities, and the starting of new platforms. You made it. Were the circumstances ideal? No–not for anyone. But you did it! Celebrate the wins. Study the losses. Continue towards the new. This new year is still on the horizon–there will be more opportunities. More things to embrace, more things to celebrate, more things to create.

Your pen is not empty.

With Love & Ink,