Writer Spotlight: Dani Skye

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“You have to cater to everyone so you relate to them.” -Dani Skye

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Dani Skye is not new to poetry, spoken word or the worlds both create. As a spoken word artist, she is used to having her voice, powered by her words, front and center. This love of words started around age 10 when she started writing short stories, plays and even songs! This love of words increased after seeing the movie Poetic Justice (Aside: this movie starred Janet Jackson, Regina King, and the late Tupac Shakur. Watch it. Soon!). When asked what inspires her to write, she confesses that her muses come from many sources. “When it comes to writing, many things inspire me. It depends on my mood.”

One of the best things about being a writer however, is that you can have a favorite genre and try on several others. Dani does admit one thing however. It takes a little more effort to write erotica. “I love writing about everything but erotica. It’s a very uncomfortable writing process for me. I have to get into the zone. Candles, incense, and romantic music gets my mind prepared to be in that space.”

Take note of that, fellow writers. Atmosphere setting is everything, especially when writing in a genre you don’t write often. Details matter: don’t overlook what you need to create–and be aware of what you might need! This is one of those invisible things that makes writing an art as well as a skill.

To date, Dani Skye has written 13 books under the names Dani Skye and Danie James. When asked how does she describe or define success, Dani Skye gives us a reminder of what it means to be a writer in three parts.

Success for me as a writer is many things: (1) writing from the heart, (2) inspiring people with your work, (3) loving what you do and feeling good about it.

Dani Skye, writer, poet, spoken word artist

I don’t want you to miss this second set of jewels Dani has dropped on us! Writing can be hard, yet those of us who call ourselves writers all know this. Yet, from that toughness–the goal we all have is, should be, to writer from the heart. With what we pull from out hearts, we give to the world–that it may reach, teach and inspire!

With this inspiration, Dani was asked what the best piece of writing advice she has received. This advice came from one of her college professors, Dr. Shabazz. This advice reminded Dani to write in a way that people from 2 to 92 can understand it. “Ever since, I make sure to remember when I am writing anything new, you don’t want your audience to feel stupid using all these big words they can’t understand.”

With that wisdom in mind, Dani Skye is still creating. Her creative energies are focused on taking her latest project, on the road to Kansas City, MO. The name of the show: Erotica Avenue: A Night In Stimulation (August 21-22, 2021). The tickets go on sale May 1, 2021 through Eventbrite! Make sure you are following Dani on all her social media so you get all updates about this event!

Dani Skye has definitely is one to watch and we know the sky isn’t even her limit!

Much success Dani! Much more success!


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“…no woman has ever written enough.” -bell hooks

My day job is in healthcare.

My mother is a retired nurse.

I have been in this field, adjacent to this field, for my entire life. My mother was a nurse when AIDS hit, and it is her wisdom I have leaned on when time have gotten crazy in this particular pandemic. It is from that space experience and art that I wrote this book. This is the blurb from Amazon:

The COVID-19 Pandemic has laid siege to the world’s population beginning in late 2019. No professional community has been witness to this onslaught like the medical community! This community has been a guardian of sorts during this pandemic, trying to provide help, hope and normalcy in the midst of the administration of the 45th US President. This book of poetry, written by and essential worker in a hospital, shows the siege first hand–and the hope she still has, despite what she sees around her...”

I didn’t write this book to get famous. I didn’t write this book to see the record the downfall of the American heathcare system. I wrote this book, because writing has been my solace while this pandemic has raged. I hope that this book, and its 21 pieces, grant your some measure of hope and peace. Also, as a testament to the hope I have that we as nation–and a world–will get through this…and be better for it.