Encouragement Pages-04/30/2021

Writing requires a degree of focus.

That focus comes from one thing: REST.

Since writing comes from creative energy, sometimes when a writer is tired? That needs to be noticed. Your need for rest needs to be honored.

Writers need rest. You would be surprised at just how productive you can be with a nap.

With Love & Ink,


Encouragement Pages-02/05/2021: For The Love Of It (Part 3)

Rest is a weapon because it allows your mind to settle! It allows you as a creative person to clear your plate as it were to focus (or refocus) on what is important.

Rest also allows you to create other things as well! It is what I like to call a hard restart–it’s a warning before you get to a point where you cannot create or won’t create. Either option is detrimental to the artist!

Take the time to rest, dear writer. The rest will do you good. I promise.

With Love & Ink,


Encouragement Pages-02/03/2021: For The Love Of It (Part 2)

When you lose the love of something, it is devastating. But here is one thing that I can say which reignites you love of something: rest.

As crazy as that sounds, it is true.

Burnout for artists is real. It is so essential that as a creative person that you learn how to measure your energy and know how to peter it out!

A social media mentor, Rebecca Gordon, said it this way: “Rest is a weapon.”

With Love & Ink,