Back To Writing Month-Day 24

Toni Morrison said in her book Song of Solomon, ‘if you surrender to the air, you can ride it’.

Those are my words to you as this month, even as the year ends, is to remind you to surrender to the air.

Back to Writing means to get back to what you have neglected, rather than surrendered to.

Once you surrender to it–to your talent, the work you want to do–you can do it easier.

Don’t fight–write.


Back To Writing Month: Day 19

Remember that ‘comparison is the thief of joy.’

Comparing yourself to any other writer is asking for their journey to be your own!

There is a certain level of bravery which comes along with becoming a writer, and that his hewn out of the rock of your own will. Don’t take your hammer to another’s rock to make it yours!

Write. Discover. Embrace your own journey.