Back To Writing Month-Day 10

Lady Gaga said something that I still remind myself of when I (believe) I am at my lowest:

“There is a discipline to passion.”

With that in mind, I work at my gift.

I WORK THIS GIFT. Talent is one thing, gifts another, and there is a power to harnessing both.

Develop your discipline.


Back To Writing Month-Day 9

The best thing about BACK TO WRITING MONTH is you get to revisit work that the previous months of the year.

The joyful part is that what you created, you can complete.

To that, I offer three things:

1.) Look in your Draft Drawer/Graveyard

2.) What things can you finish?

3.) What do you want to finish?

You can do it!


Back To Writing Month-Day 8

There are many things to embrace this month! My mentor, Dr. Drucilla Wall, said this time of year is best described as an autumnal mood.

It’s a time of reflection…and introspection. There is time where you can go back to what may have been a thought into a page.

Surrender to that creativity.



Back To Writing Month: Day 3

I am fond of saying on this side of the internet that you have to do your writer work.

Your writer work is anything related to the writing you are currently doing, including but not limited to research, freewriting, editing or brainstorming.

There is no getting around this!

There is no time like the present to get back writing. There is not greater time like now to look over the work you have to do in order do what you know what must be done.

Let’s get to work!


Back To Writing Month: Day 2

This year has been hectic, and it has tested all of us in one way or another.

If we are honest, we know that there are few things which has brought us comfort, clarity…and sanity. For me, writing is one of those things. In the midst of loss, chaos, and confusion, there has been the hope of words.

I started journaling again. I found 2 (yes, 2!) books of poetry on my phone! I even made the decision to increase the storage on it! I decided this year I was going to refocus my creative energy to do what I need to do!

I decided for this Back To Writing Month (BTWM), that I was going to pick up where I left off. This means forgotten drafts, stuff I didn’t edit/upload, and focusing on the plans that I have for my own works.

My writing resolution this month is: BELIEVE IN ME FIRST.

What resolution are you making?