Encouragement Pages: 05/10/2023

Note: Look for more about The Turnback later this month. -JBH

The Turnback.

No writer really wants to talk about that.

This is the point where we want to abandon the work, think the work is horrible, or see no use in going for it.

It is crazy to think about something that you have worked so hard on that you would scrap! It happen more often than you think.

There are some things that you may have to scrap, and there are some things that you may have to write through.

Before you ‘turnback’, think of these three things:

1.) If I give this more time, can I write more?

2.) If I rewrite this, will it be better?

3.) Why do I want to scrap this? If so, tell yourself why.

Before your delete the work, ask yourself these questions.

With Love & Ink,