Sharing What You Love, Without Apology

In the culmination of any work, you have two options. Keep the what you have created, or share it. Each are noble on their faces. However, you can–you must–only choose one.

If you keep you work a secret, you will stow away all you worked on, and poured into hidden away from the rest of the world. You forgo rejection from the outside world–for a time at least. But, you also forgo any support, appreciation, and networking which can be garnered. You lock the door to access.

If you share what you have poured into and loved, you do and will run the risk of that particular work being rejected. However, self-rejection is the most insidious type of rejection: it robs you of the possibility, the hope of trying to get any published; denies you any positive feedback or direction as well. Sharing allows the love for your work, the respect for your talent (even with your own comprehension) to be appreciated. It is through that recognition–even of such a talent and skill–which will empower you to write more.

This is why sharing of the work is always important!

The first person you will ever write for you is yourself. Don’t disappoint yourself through acts of second-guessing and self-rejection.

Love is your power source–and the why. The motivation to keep writing is always the key. Keep the doors unlocked.

Encouragement Pages-02/17/2020

Embrace that which is uncomfortable. Sometimes to get at what it is you want from a work, you have to wrestle with it. You have to be both writer and reader!

Answer the questions that need to be answered. Veil the things you want your readers to sit with. But wrestle, my dear ones. Be prepared to wrestle. The writing will be fun, the ride will be wild. Just beware of the curves.

With Love & Ink,