Write It Down To Make It Happen!

There is no book that has been created that was not written, but there are many a book which has been lost because they were not written down. There is a wisdom in writing down your thoughts, even if you are unsure as to how the rest of the words will come about. Yet, they have to be written! Why would you cheat yourself out of your own creativity? Why would you decide to quit before you even start?

As a writer, you must decide what you want–do you want to wonder, or do you want to write? Do you want to create or do you want to fear creating? Both things cannot exist in the room of your imagination:  one will starve and die, and the other will blossom and grow! The simplest thing to do write down what is you want to create–even as simple as a title, a character name, or a place.

Don’t ignore those nudges to write down a piece of what your story requires! Be brave enough to catch the pieces as they come! Save them to your phone, text them to yourself or leave yourself a voice message! The crucial thing to remember is to not lose the pieces! These are pieces to what it is you desire to do. Do not neglect the pieces! It is due to and because of these pieces which make the worlds we create possible!

Catch the pieces, keep the pieces–start your worlds over again. I believe in you.

Encouragement Pages-07/24/2020, Regaining Focus (Part 3)

Hold on.

Take a deep breath.

Having an unfinished work is not the end of the world! Being distracted or overtaken by life which stopped you from finishing a work is a not a cause for alarm! It happens!

The toughest part will ways this, “Can I pick up where I left off?”

Which really translates to “Do I/Can I have the focus to write this?”

With refocusing your energy, you can.

With idenifying what you need to support your writing, you can.

If you make time to write a little a time, you can.

It is not impossible.

It’s a journey.

The words will be you map and light.

Write yourself where you need to be.

With Love & Ink,