Prolific Vs. Productive

There is a need in every writer to idolize and become or remain prolific.There is a need we have to do as I like I say, “Write all the words.” Where the words, thoughts and topics are so forceful where you run the idea to the story to its completion –that high?


Nothing like it. Nothing.

However, this is a topic as a writer you will encounter throughout your career! Trust me on this. The high of this career, this profession, causes a unique burst of uncommon energy which propels us to  keep creating to tell of the worlds inside of us all.

But there is and must be a balance between creativity and reasonable activity. There must be. The balance, this balance is essential to creativity! Let me help break this down.

Writers straddle this dichotomy anytime creativity is ramping up or about to ramp up.The seduction of the process of creating, the process of the story unveiling and writing until the end to see what happens first. Trust, I know.

However…it’s the story that is the most important! It is the ability to tell the story and convey it. It is better to be productive than prolific for the sake of the story and your creative sanity. For the want of trying to keep pace with someone else, you may lose your own story! As a writer, the story is our concern. Producing a quality work is your concern, if that means you become prolific as a result of it, that’s another matter. The story must be in the forefront of your mind! Stephen King, the author of over 50 novels said in his book On Writing, to let the story write itself.

You will encounter many highs as a writer and an author. None will be as sweet as creating quality work. The speed, the being prolific will come! It’s the coin of this creative realm. Writers pay for it with imagination. It will come. Creation is divine–so create. Whether that is a 400 page novel or a trilogy which boasts 800 pages total.

Write, dear one. Write all you see!

The world wants to see what you did.


Jennifer P. Harris

Editor/Founder-Shekinah Glory Writing Services