Book In A Year Series-Month 11: THE SMOOTH OUT

As this month ends, I want you to take into account just how far you have come with this series. I want you to be proud of yourself…and keep going. -JBH

The Smooth Out.

Let this be your mantra! Let this be the reminder–a steady, present reminder!–that writing is a process. This process is one that has many parts and many moving parts. Let me explain it this way:

Many parts. I divide the system known as The Writing Process into five parts: Pre-writing (Brainstorming), First writing (first draft), Reviewing (Reading over what you have), Second writing (second draft), and Final draft (completed draft).

Many moving parts. Within in five parts I listed, the moving parts in this process breakdown this way:

Pre-writing: brainstorming; this is figuring out what you want to write and focus on what it is you want to write about. Decide what you want to write or say.

First writing: get the idea down; this may take more than one try to do! You may have start 1 or more ideas, before focusing on one, or even starting a draft you started before! Decide what you want to say.

Reviewing: this goes to reading over, reworking either part or the whole of your idea. There could be time here to rest; space to freak out; erasing and starting over. Decide that you will keep going.

Second writing: when you have decided on what you want to say; when you see places you may want to add, or take away. This is a pivotal point because it allows you to see what is there, and what is not there. Decide if there is something else you want to say or add to.

Final draft: when you have finished a draft completely, it is time to celebrate! In the celebrating, you must realize what was easy about this process, what was hard about it, and what do you want to do better! Decide how you want to go forward.

How the Smooth Out helps. The process is a reminder that the writing you need to do–especially with the task of writing a book!–is to be patient to start and complete it! There is a diligence to writing! It is this diligence that allows you as the writer–the catalyst!–to keep going. Even if you have to stop, start, start over, and smooth it out.

Encouragement Pages-11/29/2021

Be thankful for the stumbles.

Be thankful for the typos.

Be thankful for the false starts, redos, critics and bad reviews.

Be thankful for the sales, the drafts, the fans, and the fountain of ideas.

Be thankful for every win, and every loss.

Be thankful–for they are yours.

Be thankful for the journey. For that, too, is yours.

With Love & Ink,


Encouragement Pages-11/26/2021

As this month of gratitude and gratefulness, one of the things I want you to consider that writing–with all its troubles and quirks, is actually a joy.

So much so that few people do it—even less than that do it well.

Be determined to be one of those who do this, and do it well.

With Love & Ink,


Encouragement Pages-11/22/2021

As we go and celebrate Thanksgiving here in the States, I want you to be grateful.

Whatever you have written up onto this point.

Be grateful.

It is always the scariest part right before you begin, yes. But it is complete joy when you finish.

With Love & Ink,