November 2022: Remember The Beginning

If you write like someone is looking over your shoulder, you will never write.

The writers’ eye is unique in that it is able to record, to see, challenge…and believe.

Through moods of fiction, non-fiction, essay, or allegory–we are after that sight. We are after that sight–wanting what we see to be real, being daring enough to make it so.

What shall you give to the story you create? The idea you want? The thing you are scared of?

Your vision. Your sight. Your imagination. Your story.

You can do it.

November 2022: Secret Selves

Every superhero has a secret identity–a self known only to them, and a persona to the world.

In putting more into the world, in writing what you want to see–you may have to employ (or exercise) a pen name. There is no same in that. There may be ideas you want to explore which for the want of decency (or in my case a Baptist upbringing), that you have to explore with the cloak of a pen name.

Writers must become comfortable with using all resources at the ready, accessing a bravery few people have, or ever will. The goal still is to write what you want, as you want, and being aware that you have permission to create what you want.

Like you want.

When you want.

As you want it.

Be brave and keep going.

November 2022: See You…Too.

For the want of good characters, you don’t necessarily have to be of good character.

Writing gives a curious immortality to people–we remember them as they were, as we wish they were, and taking the best parts of them to make (or remake them) as we will.

Put yourself in the worlds you make–reanimate what may be dead. Rethink what is, to make what was or needs to be. Toni Morrison said that the book you want to read, you must write. To that, I must remind you to write what you want.

Create the people you want. The world you want to see. Write the story you want to leave in the world.

Throw the doors open to your imagination and allow it to speak and profit you.