Encouragement Pages-08/26/2022

The time you make to write is never going to be in vain.

The time you make where you tried to write is not wasted.

The time you could have written and decide to do something else is a reminder that some things may be more important than writing.

Yet, you are not powerless–unless you believe you will be.

You bend time–time cannot bend you.


August 2022: ASPIRATION

When I was 13, I told my Reading/English teacher that I wanted to write 4 novels. She dismissed that, without ever saying my name. And I have chased that ever since. Stories with my name on it! The feeling of having something complete with my name on it, and people buying it.

That feeling never gets old. Ever.

What I have discovered in this 28-year journey with 8 years in active writing and publishing, I am still that 13-year-old girl wanting validation, dreaming of attending NYU and becoming a best-selling author. I take her with me–everywhere!

She is my aspiration. All power, fire and searching for blank pages.

I have given myself permission to be great–and now, I must be.

Now, I will be.


August 2022: ASPIRATION

One of the things which will propel you as a writer aside from the blank pages, is the dream of what those pages will represent.

Blank pages are open dreams, dear writer.

You are able to create the worlds you want, and like you want that.

But the thing most crucial is to remember is that this journey is yours. It belongs to you, can be dictated by you.

While discouragement is real, and this journey is hard, it is not impossible.

Your rocket fuel is always going to be your aspiration, your thoughts, your dreaming.

Don’t let yourself down.