November 2022: Open The Door

One thing that I must remind you in your pursuit today, I want you to remember this: open the door.

When you are accepting and knowledgeable of all your identities, proclivities, quirks, and kinks, you will be able to take all of them back to the page. Bring them all to stories, to plays, freeing you to create, re-create and imagine as you see fit.

The pre-requisite always being acceptance and acknowledgement of who you are. If you can do this, it will require you to examine you, the world around you, and to make peace with both of them–even if that means acknowledging that both seem not to co-exist.

You have the freedom and power to create the life you want, even on paper.

November 2022: For The Mirror

You are in the world.

Let me say it again: YOU ARE IN THE WORLD.

With that, I am a firm believer that every life has a legacy, and there is no life which exists that will not touch another. Ever!

As we go into the last months of the year, I want to ask you this question: ‘What do you want to see?”

What stories do you want to tell?

Why do you want to tell them?

Why is it important to tell them?

Stories are records of survival! Stories are legacy! And they are needed–and necessary. From poems, to biographies/autobiographies, to journals–someone needs to be able to trace you in the world. And there is nothing wrong with that.

What will you leave in the world, dear writer? What will you leave in the world?