Encouragement Pages-11/04/2022

There are three things which power my gratitude as a writer:

1.) Humility

2.) Imagination

3.) Belief in self

I am aware that this gift could be given to anyone else. I am aware that if I don’t use this gift, it will dull–and I cannot take it for granted. And for this cause, I must continue to be grateful.

I would remind you to do the same.

With Love & Ink,


Encouragement Pages-10/19/2022

With all things being equal, the adage is you should write everyday.

Is that always possible? No.

Yet, you should write everyday!


Voice memos and the speech to text feature is going to be a big part of it!

If your can scroll for 15 minutes on your phone, you can jot an idea for 15 minutes.

Maximize your time! Future you will thank you.

With Love & Ink,


Encouragement Pages-10/17/2022

For the want of perfection, some writers will never begin.

One of the chief things you must remember is you don’t need the process to be perfect, you only need to begin.

With that in mind, remember that you can make a work perfect…after you being.

There are no shortcuts.

With Love & Ink,


October 2022: Being bell hooks

Note: This piece will mention Wounds Of Passion by bell hooks. Purchase that by clicking here.

bell hooks has been gone about a year as of December. And yet, she is now immortal.

It is through her work, and her own writing memoir, that I understand that it means, what she gave, to mine out the words in her to give to the world.

Breadcrumbs for us. For us!

Writing, while an art, is still a powerful portion of The Arts. It makes the mortal immortal, preserving thought which may have been wounds for the benefit of those after us. Those coming which will need our strength in order to survive to tell their own stories. To find their own truths, to find their own way forward.

Change is the most intimate process which provokes the world to be different once complete.