February 2023: SET

You have more than you need, and more than you thought you would have. Simply put: it will get no easier than it is right now to write. I understand (completely!) what it means to want things to be smoother to write. But, the key factor of the writing process is–you.


You can do all the research: you still need to apply it.

You can have a great writing schedule: you still need to write.

You can have dedicated notebooks: you still need to fill them.

You have all you need to go forward!


February 2023: SET

One of the things which is crucial to remember as it relates to writing is time.

Time is going to be what you make, what you chase after, and what you will try and save. It will always be time that will be both rescue and enemy! When you decide to commit time to a project or piece, time will be (and is!) the one thing that will be your ally.

Time is what you will have to make and master!

Writing forces you to realize what you are working will require focus and effort–both things which are yielded by time!

You can do it!

Make time and keep it!