February 2023: SET

Keeping focus as a writer can be difficult at points, especially in the era where everything is instant and constant. In the time where writing can be or is most difficult, is where you must evaluate whether or not you can continue on/with the writing you desire to do.

When I have writing that I need to do, and feel I don’t have time, I have this quick system (adjust as need be):

1.) Pause the current WIP. Let the work sit for a minute.

2.) If I have smaller projects I can focus on, I finish those–it makes room for the work I need to do.

3.) Switch gears and write something totally different.

The goal is to balance time and effort. Once you are aware of your writing schedule, and what works best for you, the possibilities to augment or pause when necessary, are more realistic.

Be mindful of what is in front of you, and what you may have to press through.

February 2023: SET

One of the things which is crucial to remember as it relates to writing is time.

Time is going to be what you make, what you chase after, and what you will try and save. It will always be time that will be both rescue and enemy! When you decide to commit time to a project or piece, time will be (and is!) the one thing that will be your ally.

Time is what you will have to make and master!

Writing forces you to realize what you are working will require focus and effort–both things which are yielded by time!

You can do it!

Make time and keep it!

Encouragement Pages-2/10/2023

One of my language mentors (as it were) is George Carlin. #7DirtyWords.

It was his passion for words, obsession with language, that reminds me that language (and its usage) is only limited by my imagination. And as a writer, I cannot be limited by what the interpretation of language is to others.

Words are amazing, and language ever evolving. As a writer, that has to stay in the forefront of your mind.

With Love & Ink,