Encouragement Pages-11/29/2021

Be thankful for the stumbles.

Be thankful for the typos.

Be thankful for the false starts, redos, critics and bad reviews.

Be thankful for the sales, the drafts, the fans, and the fountain of ideas.

Be thankful for every win, and every loss.

Be thankful–for they are yours.

Be thankful for the journey. For that, too, is yours.

With Love & Ink,


Encouragement Pages-11/26/2021

As this month of gratitude and gratefulness, one of the things I want you to consider that writing–with all its troubles and quirks, is actually a joy.

So much so that few people do it—even less than that do it well.

Be determined to be one of those who do this, and do it well.

With Love & Ink,