Manuscripts: Page Count

Shekinah Glory Writing Services counts pages of manuscripts according to the TPC (Total Page Count). This includes the following which might make up the document:

  • ATA (About The Author) if applicable
  • Pretext Material (such as): Forward, Introduction, Prologue/Epilogue, Closing Thoughts, Notes From The Author
  • Actual written pages:
Page Count Cost ($)
25-49 40.00
50-75 80.00
75-100 120.00
100-150 160.00
150-over Hourly rate:  $30.00/hr


Editor Note:  All electronic submissions should be double spaced. If not a flat $5.00 will be assessed at the time of submission, and will be reflected on invoice or be discussed with client prior to submission. This fee will be billed as DS FORMAT.