Manuscripts: Word Count

Editor Note:  All electronic submissions should be double spaced (DS). If not, a flat $5.00 will be assessed at the time of submission, and will be reflected on invoice or be discussed with client prior to submission. This fee will be billed as DS FORMAT. This fee is not negotiable.

Beginning March 2021, all editing will be done per word. No longer by page length. The price per word will be $.02/word. A typical typed, DS page is about 250 words. This is regardless of genre. Word Count will be asked at the time of consultation. Price for editing using the following formula will be given at the time of consultation:

 250 words *$0.02 (cost per word)= $5/per page. 

Payment should be remitted at the time the work is submitted. This rate is not negotiable. 

If complete payment cannot be remitted, 50% is due at the of the start services, and in monthly increments to be determined over the course of the project. Failure to remit payment will result in the returning of your with no other editing offered.