Manuscripts: Submissions


Amending submissions will be subject to TPC’s.

  • If manuscripts are Amending Submissions, that should be noted in the subject of the email (if applicable), along with the title of the work.
  • Initial manuscripts are permitted only 2 amending submissions, meaning there will be only 2 chances to add to/ or change document. For specific changes, page number or subheadings will be needed to ensure the quality of the work. These must be submitted within 24-72 hour/3 business day window.
  • At the time of submission, there will be a 24 hour/1 business day window given to clients before invoices are sent and review begins. This allows time for the work to be quoted an accurate price, and giving the author time to ensure the work is indeed ready to be passed along for review.
  • After the 24-72 window is passed, invoices are sent to email addresses on file.
  • Amending submissions after the 24-72 window will be charged as a new book.





JBHarris Writing Services does offer the reformatting services. These services are rendered to those whom submit documents for editing that are in physical form with no electronic copy (i.e., transcribing of handwritten pages into electronic ones). This will be a flat fee assessed at the time of submission corresponding to page counts:

Page Count Cost ($)
25-49 40.00
50-75 80.00
75-100 120.00
100-150 160.00
150-over $50 non-refundable deposit required; hourly rate:  $30.00/hr

For reformatting for electronic submissions (traditionally this is a 6 x 9 book format) a flat $5.00 fee will be assessed at the time of submission.