Second Looks

Pick up the pen, dear one.

Pick up the manuscript, the draft–no matter what it is, pick it up. There is magic written by you, that is worthy of a second look.

There is something to be said for writing a draft, and the completion of the writing of that draft. Writing is a process, much like a birth! The energy put towards something you create comes from a deeper level than people realize. The conceptualizing, the creative, real-time changes, and putting passion to vernacular is hard. Sometimes with that creative toughness, it is imperative you take a second and look at what you have written.

Sometimes it is hard to look at something you created to try and make it better, to revise it, or even have someone else put eyes on it. However, respect the artist inside of you. Respect the craft you participate in. Respect your time, your effort and your imagination! Your talents are not wasted or to no avail.

A little time is necessary after you finish creating a written work. I call it breathing time. You need this as an artist! Use that time to think about what is  you created, and what you want to create. Breathing time is where you can reflect, revamp and refuel. It is in this time where your revision ideas come, and the energy to revise comes. Don’t fear that quiet. Don’t fear having to put a work away in order to come back to it.

Dust the work off, it is yours afterall. See what you have, read it with new eyes. The glorious thing about writing is what you think is trash when completed, with rest and rejuvenation, you can see the treasure hidden there.

The best thing? You put the treasure there.


Jennifer P. Harris

Editor/Founder-Shekinah Glory Writing Services

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