Book In A Year Series-Month 10: The Fear Of ‘Too Much’

What is one of the things that I have noticed in my writing career (as both a writer and coach), is this fear that writers have about (1) what they have to say, and (2) being brave enough to say it.

This fear leads to writer’s block, and what I affectionately call ‘The Yipps.’ This is the fear that you have when you know that you have to write, know what you have to write is important–but can’t! This normally happens when you have a project you want to start, but don’t believe that you have the ability to do it.

The fear of being judged, fear of not having your work read–or quite simply? Just believing that you can’t. It is this fear that snowballing into everything else related to your writing and to any future projects!

There is no way around this. There is only a way through it.

The fear is unreasonable, so you, too, must become unreasonable.

Subdue the fear–by writing anyway. Don’t be afraid of what it will say, get it out first. Then we can do back and fix everything else. This is what drafts are for.

So what will you choose to do: are you going to believe the fear or …believe your talent?

Note: An excerpt of the essay, Writing Through the Wall, will be ready on 11/6, and ready for download on 11/9.

Encouragement Pages-10/13/2021

I am more afraid of not writing than I am of writing.

I am more afraid of not saying what I have to say than actually saying.

I am more afraid of leaving what is unsaid UNSAID, than actually saying it.

Once you get to this level of resolve, your writing will shift because your mindset has shifted.

Don’t let that non-writer, stop your writing.

Keep going.

With Love & Ink,


Book In A Year Series-Month 10: The Fear Of ‘Too Much’

“Too much”:

noun. The idea that a writer cannot write about what they want for the fear of what people will think or say.

Is this a legitimate fear? Of course. But this is part of the process! In the words of Bishop T. D. Jakes, “You have to feel this fear (you have to acknowledge that it is there!) and do it anyway.” The book that you want to write is within you! The story you want to write is yours, and dependent on your own tenacity and talent!

The work that you create need to reflect exactly what you want to create and that cannot be tethered to the opinions of other people.

You are a writer–so write.

Your job is writing, the audience’s job is to read.

So…give them something to read.

Keep writing!

Book In A Year Series-Month 10: The Fear Of Being “Too Much”

Let’s be frank, shall we?

There are too many people in your ear, but not enough helping you get words down! With all that you need to do in your book writing process, I need you to understand that what you are doing is independent of what other people think. I am going to give you a valuable piece of advice, two word as it relates to the people who think that you are ‘doing too much’ as it relates to your writing:


Therefore, as it relates to your work, your talent, and skill, no one can tell you how ‘much’ you can bring, share, write or create. Don’t allow them to superimpose their shenanigans (also known as doubt) on your creativity!

Write everything you need to write–just how you want to write it!

Fear leaving blank pages blank…not filling them.