Believe The Blank Pages

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In on of the social media commercials for the Masterclass series of writing classes, James Patterson holds up a blank legal pad, flush with lined yellow paper, says “This is the enemy:  the blank page.”

I concur.

The blank pages are seducing, chaotic, frightening and all-consuming. There is something about a blank page that will either draw you in to the world you wish to create or push you out, tricking you out of your imagination. Empty pages, also, will draw you in, or they will make you curse them out!

There is no high like a blank page you slay with ink from your own hand.

There is no low like believing you can’t fill a line, or a page, thinking what is in your head is not worthy to come out–or may never come out.

However, I come to you to tell you this.

Believe the blank pages.


What this means is  just that; believe the blank pages are just what they are.

Blank. They are blank pages.

No more, no less.

The blank pages wait for you–not you for them.

You choose to fill them or not.

You choose to continue the story or to end it all.


You are the master of all these pages, all these pages wait for you…


Fear not. Blank pages die with ink and on pens…

Bend your blank pages.


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