Announcement: Introducing Firestarter Media, LLC

So, I did a thing. I really did a thing!

With all the content that I make, that I produce, and other thing that either I create or am at the helm of, it was time to give all of that a home. As of October 2021, all my writing-related content will be under the mantle of Firestarter Media, LLC.

This means the podcast (The Writers’ Block Podcast), this platform, publishing and workshops now have a home! This is a thrilling time for me, and I am excited for all the content I get to bring to you all now!

For 2022:

-book publishing

-writer workshops

-writing retreats


-daily writing affirmations-via text (June 2022)

Thank you for all your support, your love, and (as always) Happy Writing!

With Love & Ink,


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