When the writing is hard, the writing is hard. That is the only way I can explain it. When it’s hard…concrete feels softer.

And with that in mind, when writing is hard, time will either creep by, speed up, or you will avoid it (I don’t make the rules, I am just here to help). And the only way to get through the hard writing is…writing.

Time is never on your side when the writing it hard–and you will never have enough of it. And when it is lost, you cannot get it back.

Stepping away is always a good thing–I am in favor of natural light, and walking around as a cure to unlock those ‘hard parts’ of writing. But there is a difference between taking a break and active avoidance! It’s never going to get better by avoiding it. I promise you.

Loss writing time + hard writing= more lost time.

There is nothing so frustrating as a writer who can’t write…because they can’t write.

The nature of the beast is always soothed by time.

One thought on “May 2022: OWN THE LOSSES

  1. How true this is. It’s always good to hear someone else going through the same times in writing as the rest of us. I needed to hear this. Thank you


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