Encouragement Pages-10/19/2022

With all things being equal, the adage is you should write everyday.

Is that always possible? No.

Yet, you should write everyday!


Voice memos and the speech to text feature is going to be a big part of it!

If your can scroll for 15 minutes on your phone, you can jot an idea for 15 minutes.

Maximize your time! Future you will thank you.

With Love & Ink,


October 2022: Skip To The Good Part

The first time I dyed my hair I smiled as I never have–mystified as to how gorgeous I looked as a red head! But it’s always the waiting for the change which is what gets on everyone’s nerves.

One of the elemental things in this life is change. Writing, I believe, powers the change imperceptible. It forces you to reckon internally–whether as writer or reader–with what the world has offered you, and how it has allowed you to bloom or shrink.

I believe in the exploration of yourself, bringing that boldness to the page, you allow the world to peek in your head. Examine your heart, agree with your motives and morals (or lack thereof!), hoping something shared reminds the reader of their own strength, power, and ability for better.

Writers are change agents–whether we want to admit it or not.

October 2022: With Power

Writing is and can be a most intimate work, and vehicle why which we do seek to change the world–no matter how large it may be.

The question really becomes is what do you want to change, and why? Once you answer that, there then comes the cascade:

Will this change be personal?

Will this change provoke other change?

Do you want this change to be sustainable?

The conveying of ideas has always sparked, forced, or moved cultures, greater society towards change. Writers and artists–those weird people who see the world behind the world–are the perfect leaders to provoke it.

The question then becomes: are you that brave enough to begin a dialogue which may have someone wind up quoting you?

Back To Writing Month: Final Thoughts

Writing is hard.

Writing is empowering.

Writing is a joy.

Writing is like having homework FOREVER.

Yet, I wouldn’t change anything about this. I wouldn’t want to change this talent, this gift, for anything in the wide world.

As I leave you at the end of this month to do other writing, leaving you empowered, strengthened and to be as bold as your pen allows you to be–know that you are well able to do all that you said you would.

Remember: You are able to write everything that you see.

Be aware of what it is you want to do, and desire to write and create that.

Lastly, if you are looking for permission to write, here it is.

Go write. The world is waiting on you.