October 2022: Skip To The Good Part

The first time I dyed my hair I smiled as I never have–mystified as to how gorgeous I looked as a red head! But it’s always the waiting for the change which is what gets on everyone’s nerves.

One of the elemental things in this life is change. Writing, I believe, powers the change imperceptible. It forces you to reckon internally–whether as writer or reader–with what the world has offered you, and how it has allowed you to bloom or shrink.

I believe in the exploration of yourself, bringing that boldness to the page, you allow the world to peek in your head. Examine your heart, agree with your motives and morals (or lack thereof!), hoping something shared reminds the reader of their own strength, power, and ability for better.

Writers are change agents–whether we want to admit it or not.

Encouragement Pages-10/17/2022

For the want of perfection, some writers will never begin.

One of the chief things you must remember is you don’t need the process to be perfect, you only need to begin.

With that in mind, remember that you can make a work perfect…after you being.

There are no shortcuts.

With Love & Ink,


October 2022: Being bell hooks

Note: This piece will mention Wounds Of Passion by bell hooks. Purchase that by clicking here.

bell hooks has been gone about a year as of December. And yet, she is now immortal.

It is through her work, and her own writing memoir, that I understand that it means, what she gave, to mine out the words in her to give to the world.

Breadcrumbs for us. For us!

Writing, while an art, is still a powerful portion of The Arts. It makes the mortal immortal, preserving thought which may have been wounds for the benefit of those after us. Those coming which will need our strength in order to survive to tell their own stories. To find their own truths, to find their own way forward.

Change is the most intimate process which provokes the world to be different once complete.