“Do You Need More Pens?” Yes, Yes I Do.

For the varied professions, there are just a many tools. For writers? These things are as simple as pen and paper. For others, it includes these magical rectangles that harness all the power of the world with light and screen. Just like carpenters need wood and nails; baseball players need a good glove; writers need pens.

We always need the tools of our trade, our craft at our ready disposal. This way when inspiration strikes, we claim space. We make space. Everywhere is an office! Everywhere is a space we can work! The best thing about being a writer is that there is no uniform for it!

I can write a concept for a WIP when I’m waiting for a meal. I can jot down a word that I have been rolling around at work. I am able to stockpile these things in my purses, work bags and desks. I never want to be unprepared for inspiration.

It is the words of my Mother Oracle, Toni Morrison, that I leave with you in this regard.

“If you surrender to the air, you can ride it.”

Encouragement Pages: 5/13/19-The Beginning

Stephen King says the scariest part of writing is right before you begin.

I agree. The thing that can cause the most trepidation is the moment right before you decide to put idea to paper.

The one thing you need to consider today is it scarier to start or stop?

Remember this:  the words, worlds and pages all belong to you.

In Love & Ink,


Encouragement Pages-5/10/19

One of my favorite things about writing is the work. I know that sounds repetitive, but it’s the rhythm–the fury that is unmatched! No high is like a writer’s high.

When the words crash from your brain to page or screen, when everything makes sense, and it all works together: time, effort and imagination.

Chase the words.

Find the high.

It’s Yours. Messy Desk And All.

Growing up, I dreamed of having a desk.

I wanted a space that was mine, and that I could write or draw on. Living in apartments for most of my life, that luxury was never afforded to me. When I got to college, I finally had a desk. I was so happy! Being happy in nursing school as a writer? Not so much.

But now, I have one again. I was accustomed to writing on the backs of books, kitchen tables and even the floor. Trapper Keepers made the BEST desks in a pinch!

However, there is something special about the desk I have now.

It’s mine.

It’s all mine.

There a printer, with paper. Pens. Scrap paper. Post-its! Magazines! And I smile at all that chaos.


It’s mine.

It reminds me that I am a working writer. It is the evidence of the last four years of trying to make this hobby a career. Further evidence that I’m making progress at it!

My desk is messy because I’m a writer.I write. And I got the space to do it.

Own your space. Own your talent. Make magic.

Encouragement Pages- 5/6/19

Trust the talent you have.

As a writer, among all the other outside forces, it is easy to doubt yourself. However, that whisper of talent should not be ignored!

It is your reminder that you have a story to write. You have something to say. You have something so keen on your head, that it can only be channeled through your hands.



Let the world hear what you have to say.

Encouragement Pages-05/03/2019

Artists make space for creation.

They honor their talent, in all their facets. Today, as you make your way through your projects and WIPs, remember to make space for them.

Today, remember to honor your talent. Honor the space you make for it. The stories you have on the inside of you need to be honored. Give them room.

Let the people in your head out.

In Love & Ink,