Encouragement Pages: 06/17/2019-Slay The Dragons

It’s never going to be an optimum time to start writing. Time won’t ever (or consistently) be perfect. The specter of doubt will always hover around you, threatening to attempt to choke the life out of you.

However, there is a way to combat this!

You push forward.

Doubt and creativity are diametrically opposed: they are powerful forces. They both require energy and power. Creativity requires faith. Doubt requires fear.

Which one will you feed?

With Love & Ink,


Encouragement Pages: 06/14/2019: Push It

There is a power in writing what people don’t expect. There is a joy in writing what you think people aren’t prepared for. There is a power in shocking an new or dedicated audience!

Writing is the coolest adventure you will ever undertake. But in that power, I want you to resist the urge to write safely. I want you to embrace all that your writing ability grants! I want you to be able to be confident in your journey of writing. I want you to still behold the wonder of the worlds you create–and not be afraid to unlock (or destroy) them as necessary.

With Love & Ink,


Encouragement Pages: 06/12/2019- Stir It Up

Write about the things you love.

Write about the things you hate.

Write about the things that turn you on.

Write about the things that scare you.

The beautiful thing about starting a new work is that you don’t or may not directly know how it all will end. But, be cognizant of the things which draw you to write! Remember what you are creating. Remember that you are in control of it. Don’t be afraid of your imagination—dark or light.

Push yourself.

You’ll be amazed at what you find.

With Love & Ink,


Pick Up The Pens

The saying goes that a writer is a world unto themselves; a world or worlds trapped inside one person. I agree with this. There have been times when I have been oblivious to writing, or even thinking about any WIP and an idea will just pop in my head! It’s almost like something out of a cartoon! They just appear!

But what I do now, what I try to do most often, is write the thought or topic down. That way, since it’s recorded, I can’t lose it.

This is what I like to call ‘catch and release’.

You acknowledge the thought or idea (catch). You then write down the thought (release). Don’t fool yourself to think that the ideas that come out of the ether will come back to you with the same speed! You have to be observant and willing to entertain (read:  honor) the thoughts that come.

Writers use words as weapons. Pens are our arsenals. Go to war with the pages. Pick up the pens.

Encouragement Pages: 06/10/2019-The Scary Parts

It’s always going to be scary right before you start a WIP. It is always scary right before you put pen to paper. It is quite scary to start a new work! There is this mix if awe and anxiety and excitement. But sometimes that anxiety engulfs every portion of excitement.

But don’t listen to the anxiety! Don’t listen to it! If the idea is there, keep it! Save it! Work it! But don’t let it go.

Keep writing!

With Love & Ink,


Encouragement Pages: 06/07/2019

Give yourself credit today, friends.

You have embarked on a wondrous journey. You have decided to write a story. You have decided to take an idea and make it tangible. You have decided that the idea you have been rolling around in your head and chased it.

You have decided that the creation of something uniquely your own is important. Every character, every twist, every plot and joy is yours. Enjoy the journey. See where it all ends up!

Encouragement Pages: 06/05/2019

Start the work to silence the doubts.

It’s never going to be an optimal or easy time to start a work in progress. And perhaps that is the best thing! Sometimes it is the outside agitation that makes for the best writing!

Writing is one of those careers or hobbies that can be done any or everywhere! A work can be started at any time. It can be paused and restarted and changed as you deem fit.

But you must start it.

You must start.