Book In A Year Series-Month 9: At Peace With The Final Draft


Write the story that you want, so you can have the ending you want–or the ending that you want to change. I want you to know that as a writer, you are still in control of the worlds you create, maintain and share.

YOU. No one else.

So, the only person that can dictate when at story is over–is you. Write what you want, first and foremost. After that is written, rest and review it. Add to it, let other people read it and get feedback! Make changes! It’s okay to doubt, and add to the work at the same time.

Trust me, it happens.

Read again, let more people read again. Add more story if you need it! Then, begin to ask yourself this question: “Do I have anything else to add?” If you don’t start to wrap it up, polish it up, and get it ready for the world.

They are waiting for it! Be brave!

Write for you first, but eventually let the world know how amazing you are. Once you admit that you have written all that you wanted, with your imagination in its final form, it’s done.

Don’t second guess.

Don’t doubt.

Let the work be complete.

There are more stories to tell…I promise.

Book In A Year Series: Month 9-At Peace With The Final Draft

To Series or Not To Series…?

Ah, that is always the question! Who am I to dash your hopes and dreams, dearest writer? This is the only time where the end of a story is the beginning of another–and even then, series do end. However, don’t despair! This is one to the thing that I need to tell you about series versus stories.

If you are building out a world with people, specific mythology and characters, you might want to consider a series.

If you think that you story can be told with just one book, you might want to just write one story. If you want write a sequel–there is more story to tell. A series gives you more or multiple stories to tell.

Series are investments! They allow your mind to flex and wander!

Stories allow your the freedom to focus one story at a time and develop what you want to say to its conclusion.

Don’t stifle your voice by the space you think it might take up.

Keep going!