March 2023: Go!

The decision to write is both simple and complicated.

For every writer brave enough to attach their name to an idea, there a writer that needs a pen name.

For every writer that decides to put their own story on paper, there is writer commissioned to get a family story down.

Some writers need 20 years to get up enough nerve, some need 20 minutes.

Your GO may be different than mine, and that is needed an necessary!

It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to go, as long as you go.

Encouragement Pages-3/15/2023

There’s 3 things to remember, and they all involve focus:

1.) Preparing. The biggest question is, “What is it that I want to do? How will I do it?”

2.) Expecting. Be gentle with yourself. Set reasonable deadlines and keep them. Adjust them if necessary.

3.) Follow through. What you set out to do complete. It is now a priority.

With Love & Ink,


March 2023: Go!

Now that you have planned, cried a little, now it is time to create!

The part of you that is hesitant, fearful, and unsure–the best way to silence it is to write. The cure is to create. There is a world that is waiting on your brillance, your talent, and your genius! It will never be a safer time to write, and easier time to put in the world what you desire.

There is no time like the present.

Embrace the fear and do it anyway.

Pack up the apprehension and hush it.

Bring the doubt as a counterweight, and do it anyway.

It is your time. Do it.

Do it now.

February 2023: SET

You have more than you need, and more than you thought you would have. Simply put: it will get no easier than it is right now to write. I understand (completely!) what it means to want things to be smoother to write. But, the key factor of the writing process is–you.


You can do all the research: you still need to apply it.

You can have a great writing schedule: you still need to write.

You can have dedicated notebooks: you still need to fill them.

You have all you need to go forward!